My background is in both education and in personal development work. Both have been deeply fulfilling in my life.  What is the thread running through them?  Possibilities. Teaching young children was a delight, and the best of it was helping them to see themselves as learners — as readers, as thinkers, as artists and writers.  My goal was for them to see themselves as young people capable of anything, and capable of everything.  


Personal development work, too, often hinges on discovering, creating or imagining new possibilities.  We have an opportunity to release our limitations and reveal our strengths, heal, learn new skills and tools, challenge our own beliefs, and find the beautiful inner core of who we really are.  We can create the space to develop new strengths, see new possibilities and see ourselves capable of reaching and achieving those possibilities. 


My journey into the world of personal development began over 35 years ago and has ranged from Re-evalutaion Counseling to The Option Method, yoga and meditation to women’s circles, Tapping to LifeResults and Woman Within, with many more stops along the way.  I love finding new modalities. This eclectic background has allowed me to fill my toolkit full of strategies and ideas, exercises and perspectives. These, along with my strong intuitive sense, help me bring warmth, safety and freshness to my sessions with clients.  


What might you expect working with me?  Seeing possibilities is one of the things I love about my practice.  Helping my clients see their blocks and limiting beliefs is one of my strengths. I create a safe, solid space for you, and hold an unwavering belief in your potential…in your possibilities.  You may want to explore who you are and what you most want.  Perhaps you’ll work through a current challenge or what may be blocking you from reaching a short-term goal or a long-held dream.  Or we may craft an action plan to help you take the next step.  Or perhaps you’ll get your magic and vitality back, or turn a limiting paradigm on its head.   Each session is unique.  Each session is tailored to you. I have the perspective to see a wide range of possibilities and I can also see what YOU are capable of.  And I promise you it’s way more than you think!

Do you want MORE in your life?  

Do you have a goal you want to reach?

Are you ready to make a plan

and take action?

Need a bigger window of what might be possible?

Live YOUR Well Lived Life!